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since 1980

The Origins

It all began in 1980 when Luciano Petris, after graduating from the renowned Friuli Mosaic School and working for a few years in a well-known company in the sector, decided to set up his own brand.

His creative flair needed a new space where he could merge Tradition and Innovation, two souls that distinguish each work, creating the now iconic ‘Stile Petris’.

This unique trait brings experimentation with the mosaic technique in all its possible ways: from important squares, to subways in the world’s most important capitals, to commissioned design objects and beyond. Hundreds of mosaic have been realised in almost half a century of passionate work, present in Italy and Europe as well as in the United States and Asia.

Over the years, Luciano’s love for the art of mosaic has been passed down to his sons, who now join him in the constant research for new mosaic languages.

The stages

In our studio we take care of all stages of processing, from the design part, where the sketch is drawn on paper to actual size, to the final installation.

All stages of processing are done strictly by hand, with absolute attention to the smallest details and with the best materials in the market. The half century of life of many mosaics confirms the quality of our work



Unique color rendering, brilliance and high weather resistance result from meticulous selection of individual materials over the years.


    Venetian glass enamels are the result of an ancient technique. In the crucible, the core of the furnace itself, silica and colored minerals are mixed and finally melted at high temperatures.
    The melting process liquefies these valuable raw materials; the liquid mass, properly pressed and allowed to cool, gives life to the colored glass plates, which are then patiently hand-cut into tesserae to create works of art of high value.


    Glass powders are expertly combined with colored oxides, pressed and fired. The sintering process shapes solid glass tiles in a wide variety of colors, which can also be customized: solid colors or polychrome to meet any creative demand.


    Venetian golds are the result of the union of glass and the most precious metal, 24-karat gold; produced in a process done completely by hand.
    The precious gold leaf is sandwiched between a layer of clear glass and a thin glass that can be either neutral or colored to create different golden hues.

  • Mosaici-Petris-al-Smalti
  • Mosaici-Petris-al-Smalti-Sinterizzati
  • Mosaici-Petris-Oro

The Techniques

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The mosaic is made directly on mesh or particular panels; divided into sections ready for application. This will make the final installation easy even for local professionals. The mosaic will have an irregular surface vibrant with light; an aesthetic that returns in its fullness the complex materiality of mosaic tiles. This technique turns out to be particularly suitable for wall coverings.

Group 40


The mosaic tiles are glued upside down with special adhesives onto paper. When the mosaic is finished, divided into sections, the paper is turned over and the work is applied to the final substrate. The final effect is that of a surface that is flat and smooth to the touch, ideal for tables, floors, bathrooms and swimming pools.

At the customer’s request we can send our experts to follow up on the final installation