Mosaic Studio

since 1980

In our Mosaic Studio we combine the professionalism of
historical craftsmanship with contemporary creativity,
creating unique and exclusive projects,
bringing a precious and noble material like mosaic into the present.

We collaborate with clients, artists and designers to transform an idea
into an Artistic Mosaic, authentically Made in Italy.


Petris Mosaics

Rectangle 40
  • Refinement in Mosaic Artistry

    Petris craftsmanship represent Italian artistic excellence: skillful hands, tireless exploration, and unbridled passion converge to craft mosaics of irresistible allure.

  • Whitout Borders

    The Petris mosaics, tile by tile, adorn Metropolises, Palaces, Churches, Villas, and Parks worldwide, from the United States to Asia.

  • Tradition and Innovation on Top

    The fusion of these two essences breathes life into every mosaic: be it a canvas, an entire palace facade, a pool, or a design masterpiece, the unmistakable Petris Style captivates at a glance.

  • Here's where the magic begins

    To attain the most captivating nuances, we meticulously source natural stones, precious golds, and Venetian enamels steeped in centuries of tradition.

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